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We offer an extensive selection of highly-validated assessments to suit a number of needs through our strategic partnership with TTI Success Insights. TTI SI is the world’s leading source for research-based, leading edge, validated assessment and coaching tools that enable organizations to effectively meet their human capital management needs.

Our Assessment Buyer’s Guide is a quick 2-page pdf with a few FAQ’s and suggested questions to ask assessment providers. Organizations choose to implement TTI tools because:

  • BEST IN CLASS: Consistently referred to “best in class” in side-by-side comparisons with competitors in immediate impact and completeness.

  • SAFETY: Provides compliance with hiring laws and regulations including EEOC and OFCCP in the US. Although we do not have these laws governing the use of assessment for selection in Canada, the US laws and regulations hold the tools to a higher standard that will stand up to any scrutiny.

  • DEPTH: Science-based assessments, in-depth reports integrate behavior, motivators, EQ, skills and acumen.

  • EFFICACY: Highly effective for building teams, hiring or talent training and development that produces results.

  • COMPREHENSIVE: Assessments to truly understand job requirements.

TTI SI believes all people have unique talents and skills of which they are often unaware, and exists to reveal and harness those talents into performance for the good of individuals and organizations alike. For over 30 years, TTI SI has created and distributed a suite of assessments that have stood the test of time and continue to help leaders place people in the right jobs, develop talent and build winning teams. TTI SI assessments are at work in Fortune 1000 companies worldwide and have provided results for more than 100,000 companies over the years. TTI SI’s research into five dimensions of superior performance are measured by research-based assessments, which analyze:

  • Behaviours

  • Motivators/Driving Forces

  • Acumen

  • Competencies

  • Emotional Intelligence

With a tenacious, innovative culture, TTI SI tools transform potential to productivity, performance and profits. Every 27 seconds, someone is taking a TTI SI assessment to increase their self-awareness and grow their career.

Accelerate the Development Curve

⇒ Improve communication

⇒ Improve selection accuracy; elimination of bad hires

⇒ Increase employee retention

⇒ Improve productivity

⇒ Improve workplace engagement

⇒ Put people in the right job

⇒ Improve management effectiveness

⇒ Effectively develop high potential employees

⇒ Reduce stress due to wrong job fit or communicaiton issues

⇒ Reduce conflict and wasted HR time dealing with issues

⇒ Carve out more time for proactive activities that move your organization forward!



Here is an at-a-glance view of the offerings from TTI SI and other assessment providers in the marketplace as collected from their websites.



A proven way to DISCOVER the “right” talent?

  • A system in place to ENGAGE your people?

  • A method to ADVANCE your top performers focusing on the “right” job-related skills?

  • Metrics to measure PERFORMANCE?

Using one assessment could reveal the answer to one or two of these questions. But you would only see the partial picture.

Multiple sciences progressively reveal more of the entire person — what they do, how they do it and why they do the things they do.

We also embrace a philosophy that measures both the presence and absence of behavior, and acceptance and avoidance.

We use a data pool of millions of individuals collected over several decades to further refine our assessments.

Overview of the SCIENCES

DISC is a universal behavioural model that goes over four separate factors: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. These four components of DISC create a “behavioural makeup” unique to every individual. Put simply: the DISC assessment measures how a person does what they do. It creates a language around observable behaviour.

12 Driving Forces is an assessment that measures why a person does what they do. It measures the motivation (and strength) behind behaviours, using 6 different motivators. Those motivators are: Knowledge • Utility • Surroundings • Others • Power • Methodologies

These 6 motivators are each divided into two distinct sides, measuring each factor. Based on a continuum, these 12 drivers make up a person’s cluster of Driving Forces.

This assessment was created to manage and develop an individual’s career by identifying their top personal skills, based on how they score on 25 research-based skills required by any job. Each skill is ordered according to its level of development:

1. Well-Developed

2. Developed

3. Moderately developed

4. Needs development.




The Acumen Capacity Index (ACI) report measures how a person thinks or processes information. The ACI report is based on a science called axiology and helps measure your ability to understand people, practical matters/tasks, theoretical/structural matters, and more. In essence the stronger a person’s acumen, the more aware that person is of how biases or blind spots impact one’s ability to address situations.

TTI Success Insights is an industry-leading assessment provider that is dedicated to sparking transformative experiences through assessment solutions and research.

TTI SI offers modern and accessible assessments, training, international certifications, world-class technology for the generation of reports, and other resources necessary to ensure the success of our clients.

Our objective is to reveal human potential in a true partnership with our network. Your success is our success — TTI SI is dedicated to providing the tools necessary to ensure success.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power of acumen and emotions to facilitate higher levels of collaboration and productivity. EQ stands for Emotional Quotient. The EQ Assessment is a measure of our emotional intelligence that indicates how well we are able to manage our emotions and impact our relationships with others. The assessment measures self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, social awareness, and social regulation.


TriMetrix EQ Everything You Need to Know
TriMetrix EQ Everything You Need to Know
Download our
"TriMetrix EQ: Everything Your Need to Know Guide" to learn more.

TriMetrix EQ

Leveraging the power of three sciences, TTI TriMetrix EQ measures your ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions to facilitate high levels of collaboration and productivity.

The Stress Quotient assessment measures workplace stress in seven index factors, revealing how stress affects the overall health, productivity and morale of both individuals and teams.

  1. Demands Index

  2. Effort/Reward Balance Index

  3. Control Index

  4. Organizational Change Index

  5. Manager/Supervisor Index

  6. Social Support Index

  7. Job Security Index

Reports are available in three versions: Individual, Leader and Group. There is an option for the Individual version to be completely anonymous if only Group results are required. The Leadership version of the Stress Quotient helps measure and identify a leader’s stress level and stress triggers.

Commonly used to: Identify root causes of stress, facilitate conversations to begin creating a plan that addresses the causes and to help improve employee performance and productivity.

OD Surveys gives the ability to tailor surveys that uncover the effectiveness of employee performance, as well as the effective or ineffective practices of a team.

These organizational surveys determine where an organization can improve its services, policies and practices to achieve complete employee and customer satisfaction. In addition, the surveys can be tailored to a group.

Commonly used to: Aid organizations in understanding how leadership is viewed, and to better develop and grow as individuals and as a team.

Stress Quotient®

360 Degree & OD Surveys
Target Selling Insights

There are clear and optimal strategies when it comes to succeeding in the sales industry. The Target Selling Insights (TSI) ssessment analyzes an individual’s knowledge of these strategies, and how they should be applied.

The TSI can help you understand your sales team’s strengths and which areas to focus on for growth and development.

The TSI personalize report will clearly tell you:

  1. Whether someone knows how to sell.

  2. The person’s level of understanding of the sales process.

  3. How the respondent compares to top sales performers.

The six categories of sales strategy:

T – TARGET – Identify the prospects.
A – ADAPT – Create an initial rapport with a prospect in the first face-to-face encounter.
R – RESEARCH – Detailed questioning to uncover a prospect’s needs.
G – GUIDE – Presentation of your Company’s products/services in a professional manner.
E – EXPLAIN – Building value and building trust in the salesperson and your Company.
T – TRANSITION – Asking for the sale, dealing with objections and handling negotiation.

This tool can also be combined with our TriMetrixHD Sales or TriMetrixDNA Sales reports for a more complete picture of the respondent including for selection.

Download our
"Assessment Buyers' Guide"
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Our Assessment Buyer's Guide answers Frequently Asked Questions and provides you with questions that you can ask any prospective assessment provider.


Simply drop us a line and let us know when would be the best time to contact you and we'll gladly set you up with one or two pro bono assessments and debrief overview.