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Hiring managers know that a bad hire costs more than money. Trust, productivity, and engagement often suffer as a result. That doesn't have to be the case. Identifying the right fit for the position and your organization is critical.


Through our strategic partnership with TTI Success Insights, the world's leading provider of research-based, cutting-edge, validated assessment and coaching tools, we offer a range of assessments to suit various needs.


Teams play a very important role in the way businesses operate today. Teams that Click are productive, they don’t get in each others’ way, they accept differences and appreciate each team member’s unique strengths.

E-Libraries for everyone in your organization

Differentiate your ogranization as an employer of choice in today's competitive labour market. Today's workforce expect on-demand development opportunities and support in order to grow professionally, enhance their personal lives, and advance their careers. Every employee in your organization can benefit from our extensive range of microcourses, regardless of where they are in their career journey.

3 e-Libraries to fill every workplace need . . .

Foundations e-Library

The Foundations e-Library is for people at all stages of their careers and lives. From learning new and more effective ways of accomplishing goals, becoming more resilient, to becoming a master strategist, fostering stronger relationships that last, learning to listen and more, we have you covered. Even if previous approaches haven't been successful, we offer proven approaches designed to lead to success.

Workplace Competency e-Library

The Workplace Competency e-Library provides research-based job-related competencies essential to succeed in today's complex workplace. An e-Library such as this can be instrumental in enhancing individual success in the workplace for individuals in their current role or as they advance in their careers. Furthermore, managers appreciate the ease with which they can access competency-based coaching tools for their direct reports.

Personal Wellness & Development e-Library

We know that the whole person shows up to work each day. There has never been a bigger challenge in employee wellness and effectiveness than there is today, which is directly related to healthy working relationships and organizational success. The Personal Wellness & Development e-Library is designed to meet this need. A strong personal foundation will support everyone in your organization through many phases of their personal and professional lives.

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