7 Primary Benefits of Creating a HIGH PERFORMANCE COACHING CULTURE

1.  Leaders become better leaders and are better able to deliver performance-related feedback to direct reports and peers.

2.  Individuals who are effectively coached by leaders are more inspired to create their personal best performance in service of the organization.

3.  Teams who embrace coaching are better equipped to deal with conflict because they have the dialogue skills to heal poor working relationships and more quickly resolve issues before they become worse.

4.  Change initiatives are more likely to succeed since more people have become engaged in the process of defining and shaping the changes through coaching conversations.

5.  Employee morale is strengthened as leaders become more available and ‘coachable’ as they learn how to effectively respond to upward feedback.

6.  The conditions of high performance [so vital to sustainable organizational success] are created as the coaching culture is expanded and deepened by bringing all employees into the process.

7.  Employee costs of turnover and loss of talent are minimized as the   organization becomes a more desirable place to work and grow.