Your Attitude is ShowingTM Seminar

Have you ever experience a difference of opinion?  What about an ethical dilemma?  On a fairly frequent basis most people face situations that are simply a conflict of values between themselves and another individual or group. 

This conflict can't be avoided but it's impact can be minimized by understanding how to clearly see others' points of view.  Once you learn to see another's view from his/her perspective,  you can improve communication with others and minimize the all-to-costly and often devastating results of conflict situations.

This workshop will focus on help you understand what you value (your attitudes) and help you appreciate and understand that others may or may not value the same things as you and why that leads to engagement or conflict.

Seminar Objectives:  By the end of this seminar you will:

  • Know which attitudes/values drive your decisions, your life and your actions.
  • Understand each attitude and the interaction of each.
  • Know what to look for as hints to recognize the driving forces in other peoples lives.
  • Understand why others may not value what you value.
  • Understand the critical connection between attitudes/values and employee engagement.

What are Attitudes or Values?  Values are attitudes that shape the way we see the world.  These attitudes are a viewpoint, a mindset, or a way of valuing life.  We describe them as the "why" of our actions because they drive us to act or not.  There are six categories of attitudes or values that we all have each in our own unique sequence and level of intensity.  Our hierarchy and level of intensity is the key to our own fulfillment and engagement.  The further apart our attitudes or values are from another individual or an organization, the more potential there is for conflict or discord and disengagement.


The Six Attitudes of Values:  Aesthetic, Individualistic, Social, Theoretical, Traditional, Utilitarian

Learning Outcomes:

Learning about attitudes/values will:

  1. Enhance your professional and personal relationships by:
    • Increasing your understanding of your own motivators.
    • Opening up your awareness to other people's motivators and how to minimize conflict.
  2. Increase productivity as a result of being in a better position now to orient your life around your motivators or tailor rewards to what others value.
  3. Address conflicts from a new perspective that often gets to the core of the conflict.
  4. Increase your effectiveness by being more aware of what makes yourself and others "tick".
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