Professional Development Series - Motivators  

This workshop is designed to help you discover your key motivators, learn how to break down the process that generates conflict, understand why some people are engaged in their work and some are not and what you can do to create a more engaging environment or hire people that are going to be more engaged in your culture.  Participants will come to recogniize the value of their unique blend of motivators as a strength and how this blend contributes to their team's or organization's effectiveness. 

Self-Awareness:  After completing an online assessment, each participant will receive a detailed report on his/her unique workplace motivators.  This is the "why" of one's actions or in other words, why we do what we do.
Understanding Others:  Typically, when conflict occurs we judge each other and that further separates us.  But there is a better way.  With a shared view of the "why" of individual workplace motivators, teams gain insight into each other and a new appreciation for what each brings to the table.  We know that values conflicts run much deeper than behavioural style conflicts and are often more difficult to reconcile.  By increasing one's awareness of workplace motivators/values participants will begin to develop a greater tolerance for values differences.
Enhanced Team Performance:  Some people naturally work well together even if they've just met.  Is it possible to create that dynamic intentionally?  Yes!  High performing teams are characterized by an energized flow of ideas and communication.  With insights distilled from this Professional Development Series, a new way of relating emerges, sidestepping past limitations to team performance.
PDS Motivators Workshop Outcomes
  1. You will know your unique hierarchy within the 6 motivator/values categories.
  2. You will come to realize how critically important it is to have this information about yourself.
  3. You will understand the underlying factors of many conflicts that have been difficult to reconcile.
  4. You will understand why some activities are demotivating for yourself or others.
  5. You will understand how important it is to match people to the job for culture fit and the impact of that on engagement.
  6. You will be better equipped to provide meaningful motivating environments and rewards for your staff.   

PDS Motivators Workshop Modules:

  • Lesson 1 - Introduction
  • Lesson 2 - Understanding Your Motivators
  • Lesson 3 - "Theoretical" Defined
  • Lesson 4 - "Utilitarian" Defined
  • Lesson 5 - "Aesthetic" Defined
  • Lesson 6 - "Social" Defined
  • Lesson 7 - "Individualistic" Defined
  • Lesson 8 - "Traditional Defined"
  • Lesson 9 - Motivators Defined
  • Lesson 10 - Conclusion

Each Participant Receives:

  1. Personalized workplace motivators assessment. - click here to view a sample report
  2. Access to Professional DVD video sessions - click here to watch Lesson 1 - Introduction
  3. A Participant Manual - click here for a few sample workbook pages
  4. For intact teams or work groups - A Team Workplace Motivators Report - click here for sample

Each Series Includes:

  1. Active group discussions
  2. Personal reflection questions
  3. Opportunity for personal goal setting

Webinar Delivery Option: 

The Professional Development Series Behaviours workshop is well suited to delivery as a series of 1-hour webinars.  Learn from the comfort of your office.  This is an ideal engaging and cost-effective option for teams that are physically dispersed.  The incremental approach provides a great opportunity for internalization of bits of new learning one piece at a time.  Prior to the tele-class series, participants complete an on-line behavioural assessment and prior to each call, have access to view a professionally produced video specific to the next topic in preparation for a robust discussion.

Benefits of the Webinar Delivery Option Include:

  • Time to internalize learnings one at a time
  • No wasted travel time
  • No travel charges
  • No meal costs
Contact us to inquire about bringing this invaluable workshop into your workplace.