Manager as Coach:  Mastering Performance Management Conversations

Coaching is not a hat you wear as a manager just some of the time.  In today's business environment, effective leaders and managers know they need to be coaches all of the time.  And, YES, one can even have those tought but effective performance management conversations as a manger with a "coach approach."  In fact, these types of conversations become much easier to have once you acquire a few new skills.  They become more and more natural and you practice and integrate a coach approach into your daily interactions.

In this workshop, with a primary focus on mastering performance management conversations, you will learn several ways to provide feedback that sticks, is respectful not demeaning, and is intended to assist your direct report (coachee) in becoming more effective, creating new awareness, improving working relationships and improving performance all leading to more of the results you want... and less of what you don't want.

Your facilitator, Sophie Mathewson, PCC, is a professionallly trained coach and certified through the International Coach Federation.  Who better to facilitate your learning of coaching skills!  

Unlike many coaching skills for managers courses, we don't use an external coaching model and try to squeeze it into an internal workplace coaching reality.

Workshop Outcomes:

  1. You will have tools to act as a roadmap for your coaching conversations that you can use over and over in a variety of situations.

  2. You will be confident in providing results-focused feedback.

  3. You will have more time to focus on your goals and objectives because you will be a more effective coach manager.

  4. You will be able to have the most challenging performance-related conversations in an emotionally-intelligent manner that leads to mutual understanding with a focus on improved results.

  5. You will be launched on your way to being a coach manager with only one hat all of the time!

What You Will Learn:
  • How to set up the conversation.
  • How to prepare for the big performance management conversations.
  • How to give feedback regularly so that the quarterly or annual performance review is no surprise.
  • How to provide feedback without backing away from the conversation.
  • That "constructive criticism" is an oxymoron. 
  • How to have the conversation.  In fact, you will learn several different ways to deliver feedback depending on the situation.
Based on the work and book by Thomas G. Crane, "The Heart of Coaching."   

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