We offer a wide variety of highly-validated assessments to suit a number of needs through our strategic partnership with TTI Success Insights.  TTI is the world's leading source for greaser- edge, validated assessment and coaching tools that enable organizations to effectively meet their human capital management needs.  Download the TTI Competitive Advantage Flyer to read about the 10 questions organizations can use to evaluate an assessment provider.
Assessments are:
  • An invaluable unbiased tool as part of a robust selection process.
  • An excellent self-awareness and developmental tool providing an unbiased view of an individual or team.
  • A quick way for people to better understand each other and improve communication.
  • Invaluable in helping people appreciate differences and the strengths that those differences bring.
We are certified in the analysis of the assessments we use and bring a "coach approach" to our assessment debriefing engagements.  All too often people focus in on the negatives in an assessment report or what they believe are negatives and it becomes a emaciating experience.  Instead, we approach an assessment debrief as a platform for a conversation revolving around self-awareness, with a focus on developing strengths and mitigating weaknesses - culminating in a development action plan that empowers you and gives you clear direction for your development.
Many of our assessment reports have corresponding cost-effective e-learning tools to assist with your, your team's or your organization's development.
Documents you can download for further information about the assessments and surveys that we offer: (click on the document name to download PDF or watch a video)